News at the Trauma Recovery Clinic


In February Anne is attending a four day course on ‘Brainspotting’ taught by David Grand PhD, its developer. Brainspotting (BSP) is a new psychotherapy approach that uses eye positions that correlate with autonomic nervous system states that are held after overwhelm or trauma is experienced. After they are located, these eye positions, or Brainspots, may through maintaining eye fixation and the use of Somatic Experiencing, lead to a healing and resolution of issues that are held deeply in the non-verbal, non-cognitive areas of the neurophysiology.

Dr. Larry Heller

Anne recently attended a three day workshop with Trauma Therapist Dr. Larry Heller “Shame and Guilt – The Healing of Early and Complex Trauma” London 21st – 23rd September 2011.

Recent teaching:

“A New and Intelligent Approach to Bodywork” a one-day workshop for body workers and psychotherapists. June 11th 2011 with Joolz Flynn of Advanced Massage Training Scotland.

This new approach involves looking at our clients from a fresh point of view, one not dominated either by technique or modality, or by their diagnosed condition or pathology, but one which considers possible causes of their discomfort, pain or condition from several equally important points of view.

Outcome orientated, it examines 5 major causes of pain and discomfort, and current, most effective ways to address each one. We then introduce powerful ways to intervene in 3 of the five areas (the tutors’ own areas of expertise), maximising our effectiveness. The focus is on accessing and incorporating our own existing knowledge, training, expertise and clinical experience into a clear overview.

Advanced Massage Training Scotland

“Working with Trauma” a one day course for body workers and psychotherapists February 4th 2011

A one day course in working with the effects of trauma as they arise in clients. We look at symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, flash backs, sleep and digestion disturbances, chronic pain and muscular tension, relationship difficulties arising from trauma and a disturbed sense of self which so often appears in the aftermath of traumatic events or circumstances. This course will help both bodyworkers and counselors / psychotherapists, and family members or friends, recognise and understand the symptoms – and give them tools to facilitate safe recovery.

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Anne regularly undergoes further advanced trainings in trauma resolution and Somatic Experiencing®, some of which are listed below with weblinks.

She is planning with Joolz Flynn, also an SE® practitioner, to train with Trauma First Aide, an organisation whose mission it is to educate and train individuals, groups and communities in Trauma First Aide in order to reduce and prevent the long term effects of acute traumatic stress reactions. They plan to introduce this training to the UK with Giselle Genillard of SOS Internationale, who is one of Trauma First Aide’s European instructors.

Recent trainings:

“Treating Trauma’s Wounds” 2011 Teleseminar series with The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, US, NICABM

Assistant at Dr. Peter Levine’s workshop on Somatic Experiencing® at the Breath of Life Conference, London, June 3 – 4 2011

Dr. Raja Selvam “Working with Pre- and Perinatal Trauma”, Munster, Germany, November 20 – 22, 2009